Solar Panels

A green development and solar energy business

New energy systems for residential and commercial use.

Interstate Traveler

The Hydrogen Super Highway.

Building the World Wide Hydrogen Super Highway...


Aguafresh provee Sistemas de Desalinización que producen soluciones reales de agua en el mundo.

"Creando Agua Dulce para un Planeta Sediento"


Insulated Blocks

“Green” homes that are 1000 times stronger 
than your average wood framed houseen” homes that are 1000 times stronger than your average wood framed house.

Homes that cannot burn, will not shake apart, get washed away or get eaten by insects. 

Enviro Board Construction Panels

Creating Affordable Living Solutions by Recycling Straws

Waste fibers are converted into ecologically friendly panels, 
which may be used for a variety of purposes...

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